Alma Music Productions

Recording & Rehearsal Studio

Analog Recording & Mixing

Recording: 15€/Hour    Mixing: Starting at 30€ - 100€/per song (Depending on genre and channel amount)  Reamping: Starting at 15€/per song (contact us for more info)

Digital Recording & Pre-production Sessions

Pre-recordings & digital music production using amp simulators, programmed drums, midi keys with a vast virtual instrument library to use for your music creations, before recording analog. We help you shape your music, before it is ready to be fully recorded and radio ready.  Price: 12€/hour

Rap/Hip Hop Vocals

Recording Vocals with a stereo track beat, editing, mixing and mastering starting at 35€/per song

Beat - making

We create your custom beat starting at 30€ (BeatStars page coming soon..)


Rehearsal  - 7€/hour   (Free multitrack recording)   Video Rehearsal  with multitrack audio synchronization, starting at +10€  (contact us for more info)

Live Band Recording

Live demo recording and mixing - 50€/per song

Video Production

Video and audio recording and mixing for covers & playthroughs (drums, vocals, guitars, bass) up to 2 cameras (1080p, 4K) & Video editing starting at 50€.